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Short resume:

- 3 China headline tours, playing at the MIDI festival (120.000 people, mainstage) - Signed to V2 Records (Adele, Marillion, Arctic Monkeys)
- Nightliner tour with The Gathering through France 2013
- European nightliner tour with Evergrey 2015

- Last two albums produced by JC (producer Muse, Katatonia, Stone Roses)
- European release of Luctor Et Emergo March 2015
- 6 Uk tours
- Shared the stage with Within Temptation, The Gathering, Delain, Mostly Autumn, Karnivool, The Pineapple Thief, Evergrey, The Gentle Storm &more

- Performed mainstage Night Of The Prog LORELEY, de




Trial and error, winning and losing, success and setbacks, joy and sorrow, ‘Luctor et Emergo’: the title of the third album of Lesoir.

The title 'Luctor et Emergo’ (I struggle and emerge) is characteristic of the content on the album and is a recurring theme of singer Maartje Meessen’s lyrics. It touches upon various issues of life, not always with a conclusion or an answer.

The previous album 'Transience' received rave reviews from far beyond the Dutch borders, securing Lesoir many international bookings as far apart as London to China. High profile support shows with renowned bands Karnivool, Delain, The Gathering and Within Temptation have helped build the bands momentum and increase fans globally. The success of Transience in the way in which it has been received around the globe meant the time was right for a follow up release.

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During several months of the year the band can be found in a rehearsal room located in Bemelen; a small village in the hills of Limburg. The serenity of the space offers time for reflection, where all members revisit the foundation of their conviction:
"Making music is the ultimate way to solidify personal feelings. Emotion as the basis for every art form. "

In June 2014, armed with 12 rough tracks, the band travelled to the UK to spend two weeks in the famous Airfield Studios, St. Merryn. To work alongside top producer and close friend John Cornfield (known for his work with Muse, Oasis, Supergrass & New Model Army) on their third album.

The remote location of this former airport allowed the band to simply focus on one goal; the making of a dynamic creation in which Lesoir would musically expose themselves. Partly due to the intensive input and guidance from Cornfield, Lesoir manage to achieve an even more superior sound. For 'Luctor et Emergo' honesty, spaciousness, grandeur, fragility, experimental and melodiousness are all descriptions that apply.

The first single 'Going Home' is about the search for a safe haven in contrast with a sense of desolation. This juxtaposition is very characteristic of Lesoir’s compositional traits; to seek for a constant tension between the vocal lines and carefully constructed instrumental layers.

'Luctor et Emergo' continues where 'Transience' left off and Lesoir continue to infiltrate more profoundly in the international market, where their spotlight is becoming ever brighter.

Lesoir is:

Maartje Meessen | Eleen Bartholomeus | Ingo Dassen | Ingo Jetten | Bob van Heumen 




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